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Notes Disappearing / Not Saving & Note Versions Duplicating

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There are currently two issues that seem to be getting worse with time and I'm getting close to leaving Evernote. 

1. When I create a note (especially on my Mac), I have less and less confidence that the note will be there when I view another note and come back to it. This morning I created the same note 3 separate times, complete with details and estimates for a project I'm working on. I went away from the app to work in another tab for a few moments, then came back. Poof. The note is gone. 

2. Some notes that I began on the iPhone, have created 7-10 "multiple versions". When I try to delete and remove these, more are created. 

If this can't be resolved, I'm leaving Evernote. Working with it as it is feels like descending into madness.

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