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Hello Everyone,


I am using the team account Evernote. I have a question which is more structural. how it is possible to make a list of certain tags on evernote so every member can use the added tags from the list to their notes to avoid of any duplication? when we use the tag function on our notes (which is very important to the type of the work we do) sometimes when any member of team if add any dot or letter or sign by mistake another tag will add to the list. can I do something on this matter?

Thank you in advance.


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Hi.  That's a common problem in shared systems.  There are probably other suggestions,  but my top 3 would be

  • Publish a 'pattern' for contributors to follow - something like <date(YYMMDD)><reference><Title>
  • Have one person in each team review all new contributions so that there at least one constant style is applied
  • Publish a central list of all permitted tags and require that any changes or additions be cleared by a supervisor
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Just as a potentially useful aside, it is quite difficult to extract a list of tags for reference, documentation etc. The only place I know where you can actually copy and paste a list of tags is from the dropdown menu to include or exclude sub-tags having selected the parent tag.


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