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I used to have Evernote Plus which I now understand is a legacy plan but it's a lot cheaper than the new plans they're offering now.

Apple had an issue with my card on file and when I didn't update it in time, I lost my Evernote Plus subscription. 

now that I've fixed the billing issue, even though Apple sent a "subscription to Evernote Plus confirmation", my Evernote account didn't update. it still says I have the most basic plan.

how can I get my Evernote Plus plan back without having to get the new plans?!!

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I don't believe the Plus plan is still available,  but we're other users here - no access to money issues;  you need to contact support.  It'll take a while - they're already under pressure,  and its the holiday season.  Good luck!

Support - https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?guest=true - use the issue type "Account" - or go via Settings in the mobile app. - 

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As said, the Plus and Premium plans have been withdrawn. For some reason they are still listed in the Apple Store but they are not available. If Apple took that money then you'll have to talk to them to get it back. You can only renew at Personal or Professional.

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