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IP blocked by Evernote



Hi all

I recently switched Internet providers at home and now I am getting blocked (access denied) on the IOS app and the Web app when on my home Internet. If I swap to 4G it all works again.

I have put a ticket in with Evernote and while they tried a few things my IP is still blocked. Now they say they can't help me any further. But I refuse to accept that. There is an IP block in Evernote somewhere, they just can't find out where.

I have been a paid Evernote user for over 10 years.

I had the same issue with Disney+ but they resolved it within 24 hours.

So I guess my question is; what can I do now? How can I get this IP block removed?



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It is not necessarily blocked at the endpoint.

If you are a bit computer savvy: Have you tried to see how the traffic is routed through the web - like using a traceroute command ?

You can use traceroute-services as well, that are available on the internet. They often visualize the path of your packages.

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