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Notes "modified" after viewing

Drew Lemur


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4 hours ago, Drew Lemur said:

I've noticed this on the latest Evernote for MacOS, specifically 10.67.4.

Others have complained about this also but I'm not aware of a specific response from Evernote.  So adding my voice to the chorus.

Welcome to the forums. TBH starting a new thread on a much-discussed subject here generally doesn't add much. Better to contribute to one of the existing ones IMHO. The forums are almost entirely user to user, and Evernote does not generally respond specifically in them.

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3 hours ago, Drew Lemur said:

Thanks for the response.  I have a limited amount of patience to navigate the signal-noise ratio in the forums.  :)  

… so let the other user read the next new thread and find the old ones for me ☹️

You just contributed your share to a worse signal-noise ratio !

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