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Photos are not displaying

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Hi.  If we knew what device,  OS and Evernote version you were using,  someone could maybe comment.

On the basis of what you say it could be that large photos take time to process,  and given an hour or some might settle down:  or that you've updated Evernote (several times if you've been keeping up) and something went wrong with an update;  in which case a clean reinstall may help,

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Good point. I'm using both, a MacBook Pro, an iMac, both running Sonoma 14.1.2. I also have an iPhone 12 Pro running IOS 17.1.2 and all three have the same issue. The photos are small screenshots. Never had a problem in the past, as in two or three months ago. It started happening after Evernote made one of their updates, sorry I don't know which, I've just been living with it, should have said something earlier.

10.67.4-mac-mas-public (20231204112355)
Editor: v176.32.0
Service: v1.80.3
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Well, I've tried downloading the file, renaming and doing a Save As, and I got no response from the app on my Mac or on the website version. Truthfully, I think they were PNGs. I think at this point, I need to try and reproduce the issue again. Then I'll update this post. 

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