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Default font size



Currently, the default font size in Evernote is 16, with no way to change it. This is too small for me, as I have poor eyesight, and I'm constantly forced to change the font each time I open a new note.

Additionally, unlike in Word, for example, whenever you select the entire note with ctrl+alt+del and change the font size, only the existing text and elements of the note (i.e., the rows in a table) are impacted. When you add additional text or any new rows, for example, these are unaffected and retain the original font. 

It would streamline things greatly if (1) I could select a default font size for everything and not have to constantly be changing it, and/or (2) when I do ctrl+alt+del, it would select the entire note, to the end, including text/elements not already created. That way, I wouldn't have to change the font size each time I added a new row to a table.


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Much requested, no indication this will show up any time soon.

Best alternative: Change screen resolution. Yes, I know, but in this case the best alternative is not even a good one.

To improve chances, rattle at the shining gates to support, and / or send feedback.

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Hi @hdarpini, since you have poor eyesight, would it also help you if the text in the entire application was larger? I was just wondering if you knew that you could zoom in on the whole application. This will make not only the font bigger in your notes, but it will make the other screen elements in the application larger as well. To access, go to the "View" menu and then click on "Zoom In". Alternatively, you can trigger it with the Ctrl+= (Control Equal) shortcut key.

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Thanks for your replies. These solutions might work but I will wait until they add that feature to Evernote, if  ever, to be able to change the default font. I don't want to make any changes that will impact the appearance of the GUI in general. In the meantime, I'll just change the font on each note as I create them.

Thanks again.

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1 hour ago, hdarpini said:

I'll just change the font on each note as I create them.

I used to suggest that you use the facility to update the standard styles to whatever you want. You can then save that note as a template and use it for future notes. Alternatively, you could simply copy or duplicate it. This worked well in earlier releases of V10. However the styles are now returned to the default styles if you do any of those three operations (or export as enex). And yet EN support are unable to replicate this effect, so apparently it only affects me and plenty of other users on the forums.


However, if you ignore the updating you can still create dummy text in a note, and format it as you want to. You can then use it as a template or copy/duplicate the note. You will need to obviously copy the dummy text within your new document as required.  That may be less work than what you are currently doing.

Another possible workaround is to edit some text in each of the four styles to how you want it but do not use the update system. You can then duplicate this note or use it as a template and then for each new note created update the styles.

On 12/6/2023 at 3:17 PM, hdarpini said:

when I do ctrl+alt+del, it would select the entire note, to the end, including text/elements not already created.

Have you tried ctrl+Home to go to the beginning and then ctrl+shift+end to highlight to the end? I find that the only reliable way of getting format to "stick" within a note is to use one of the 4 defined formats and so a workflow that updates those before you start working on the note is likely to be best (my second workaround above)

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