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Text in note is not saved, but remains in preview

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Hello everyone!

I have a problem. I wrote a text note on my Android Free account, but the changes weren't saved. Note is emty, but in preview text is displayed (screenshot below).

Using Evernote Web with my account show me same result.

How can i restore my text note?

Thanks for thoughts and help.

Безымянный 2.png

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Welcome to the forums. This is a somewhat strange situation. I've seen this happen with images quite often, but not with text. Clearly the text did sync to Evernote's servers at one point, so it's not lost. Note history is preserved for all accounts, including free, but can only be accessed by subscribers. The easiest way to recover your text would be to pay for a one-month subscription to Evernote, check the note history, and then drop back to free at the end of the month. I hope you are aware that free accounts are now limited to 50 notes (old notes are retained and can be edited, but new notes cannot be added if you have 50): 


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Hello, Dave!

Thanks for your advise. Try a Resonal/Professional subscription was my first thought. But i have a problem with payment because i'm from Russia (yes, Evernote is not my biggest problem). Any payments for my country prohibited now. I was stuck between a policy and Evernote bug.

Maybe you have another advise or thoughts? Or anybody?

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On 08.12.2023 at 02:38, Dave-in-Decatur said:

That's a really hard place to be stuck. The only other thought I'd have would be to duplicate the note and see if the text shows up in the new copy.

Yes, i've already try it. The new copy is empty and it's preview too.

Thanks for your help again.

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The preview is created on the server, and it’s not a view of the actual content. It’s a historical picture that should assist in finding a note visually.

When a preview was created, the content had reached the server. It should technically be possible to get at it through note history. 

This is a subscribers feature, and I understand you can’t pay from your place. Looks like a deadlock.

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