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Note History Functionality



I've been a premium user for a decade+, have weathered all of the recent ups and downs, including the price increases, without a lot of trouble, but I just discovered a small, meaningful change in functionality that really bums me out: how Note History works. I don't use Note History a ton, but when I do, it's been an indispensable--and super easy to use—tool. Call up prior versions of the note, bring each one up on screen with one click, search, and the relevant version identified by quick process of elimination.

Now it appears you have to guess which version might be relevant, download it, import it, scan through it. And if you haven't landed on the right one, rinse and repeat -- remembering where you were in the long list of prior versions as you go. What. A. Total. Headache. I'll send feedback to Evernote directly, but in the event that anyone from Bending Spoons is paying attention here, or anyone else feels same and wants to also reach out and provide input, am sharing my dismay/venting about this change in this forum. No idea what prompted this feature redesign, but it is decidedly non-user friendly.


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That's not my experience just now BUT...

When I checked the Note History window was slightly shrunk. I dragged the right edge out a little and the old Restore link was revealed. I click that and the note was restored as ever.

Evernote Windows 10.65.2
Windows 11 Pro

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I'm seeing this on the Web version:


I can click the "Re" and have that version of the note restored. Looks like the rest of the "Restore" word is being chopped off.

On the Desktop app, I can resize the Note History window to see the complete word "Restore", (but can't resize the window on Web).

I can also click on the date link in the Note History window to get this:


...and can then also click on the "Restore" button.

The "??? noteVersions.webembed.export???" looks like a bug though. Pretty sure the title of the note used to be there? I can't remember.

I'd chalk this up to a bug and not a feature redesign.


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omg! Yes! 

I was fixated on the  ??? noteVersions.webembed.export??? text -- which, yes, is where the title of the note used to show up, and clicking on that leads to the multi-step process I described in my post. I didn't try the date and time -- because I've never really paid attention to it. However, as you discovered, that is now the way to bring up the old version of the note, just as the process has always worked.

Phew. Thank you for investigating more thoroughly than I did. I can go back to being my unbothered self. :) 

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