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Can't Integrate Spark Mail with Evernote on More than One Machine

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The new Spark Mail just released integrations which many of us have been waiting a long time for...and their execution is great.  There's only one problem.  Today I integrated the Spark Mail I have on my work machine with Evernote and it worked flawlessly.  When I got home, I attempted to integrate the Spark Mail app on my laptop with Evernote and it continuously gave me an error.  It wasn't until I revoked my access at work that I was able to connect it at home.  This didn't happen before (with the old Spark).  Why is it not letting me connect?  Because it thinks I'm already connected?  How do I solve this?  I really don't want to have to revoke and reintegrate access every time I move a machine.  There's got to be a way around this.  Anybody?

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I have asked on a couple Spark forums and waiting for a reply. Unfortunately, I do think this is an Evernote permissions problem as that’s where the error happens.  All other integrations I’ve tried working across multiple machines.  
Thanks for your reply. 

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This is pretty cool however it seems that Spark only allows you to save emails into notes. I don't really understand why they implemented this for Evernote given that Evernote already does this. In fact, simply emailing into Evernote has its advantages, namely you can use mail rules to forward certain repetitive emails to Evernote automatically. I'd be curious to know if Spark's implementation supports automation. I've been looking for a reason to pay for their client but have held off due to the lack of calendar support.

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They just released this feature in the new desktop app and their implantation is pretty good so far.  They give you an interface to edit the title, attach it as the full email or a PDF, assign it to a notebook, tag it, and even add a preamble note.  I actually really like it.  They do it for several other programs, too, including Apple Reminders and Things.

I'm waiting on the calendar support, too, and they say it's coming... so we wait.

Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 10.27.36 PM.png

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That looks nice. For my use case I use email rules to automatically send certain messages to Evernote so this probably wouldn't work for me. It does seem like a really clean way to send emails to Evernote. No need to do


in the subject line for example. It just has a dropdown of all of the notebooks there. I really like that.

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From the error message it looks like a restriction created on the Spark side. 

It looks like they created it as a client function, and can’t coordinate it when running on more than one client. It would send the same email from each client.

That‘s in fact looking like it requires to talk to spark support. 

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The point update Spark just made didn't fix the problem.  Still waiting on them to get back to me and I'll report back.  Please leave this thread open so I can at least let everyone know if they fixed it.  Thanks.

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