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Lost my information when I got a new phone

John Crouch


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On 10/20/2023 at 12:06 PM, John Crouch said:

How do I recover my account?


20 hours ago, tegron2121 said:

Same here, no one to reach? There is no customer support? Phone number to call?

With Evernote on a new phone, two possibilities come to mind: (1) If you're on a free account, did you remove your old device from your account? If not, you could have gone over the 2-device limit. (2) When signing in to Evernote for the first time on a new device, it's surprisingly easy to accidentally create a new, empty account by using the wrong login email or username. Check again to make sure you're using the right credentials.

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I did not get any email with any ticket number. I tried many ways from guest to submitting help by trying to get to ticket without logging into the site funky bypass on Evernote site. for some reason I misplaced backup codes to google authenticator when my phone was forced to hard reset. I am logged in on old devices, but unable to get any new device to sign in, or turn off 2FA.... :( no one to talk to or call... Facebook messaging is useless. and no numbers to call horrible support!!!!!


I just got an email from support 3 days later... *crossing fingers*.



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I wonder why you think your experience must be that of everybody else.

If you don't receive an email, are you sure you have access to the mail account that was saved by yourself in your account settings ? Often people change their email later, and then are surprised they can't get hold of support - when what really happens is the answers go to an old address, never changed by the user.

The backup codes are not in any authenticator - in fact EN warns agains grabbing them electronically, and urge to print them and stack them away to a safe location . They even ask for confirmation this has been taken care of before you can proceed with enabling 2FA. So think again if you really can't remember where you put them.

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