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Transferring Notebooks from one account to another



Somebody, please help! I can't get any support from Evernote and I've sent numerous emails trying to get in touch with a human being.

I currently have a Teams account so I could share notes with my business partner in the "Spaces" feature; however, my partner is no longer with the firm and I have no need for this feature.  I'm trying to downgrade my account to the free or possibly "professional" account but haven't found a convenient way to transfer the data I have to the new account.  Does anyone have a remedy for this?  Thank you in advance for any help!!  

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You could export each notebook as an ENEX file.  Then import it into your new Free/Personal/Professional account.

To export open the Notebooks windows and click the three dot menu option and follow the export options.  Do this by notebook so that when you import you still know which notebook is involved.

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