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Missing content after update - please help!

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I didn't realize that my version was outdated and not syncing properly. I had meant to copy and paste a note I was working on for backup but it went right into the install and I wasn't able to access it. I found some old forum notes about downloading the legacy version but I can't seem to find that at this point.  I am really freaking out I lost something I really need and would appreciate any help!

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Hi.  Please explain.  What device / OS and Evernote version do you now have,  and what version were you using previously. 

Do you still have a large EXB file on your computer?  If so,  any work you did in the previous version may have been stored there - but if a note was open when the install happened,  it's unknown what happened to the content.  All notes should have been moved to the server and be visible in v10.

Earlier versions of Evernote will be available on internet archive sites like Filehippo,  but there are no known 'official' sources.

EXB files are an Evernote proprietory format based on SQlite which might be able to open the database if you can't find the right Evernote version.

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I had the exact same issue.  Old desktop client was synched.  I verified by checking client on my phone.  I performed the desktop client update.  I then realised one of my notes was missing 1 months worth of data.  I then checked my Android client and also noticed a months worth of data missing.  Desktop client must have synched to Android.  How can I restore my note from 2 days ago?  I did check trash and there is nothing in there.  Issue started straight after the upgrade

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2 hours ago, ant75a said:

Desktop client must have synched to Android.

All Evernote clients sync to the server,  and get their updates synced back from there.  The desktop has no direct connection with your Android content.  Have you checked for your note in the web version?  (Beware that if you don't subscribe the free version counts as another 'device' connected to your account.)

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