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Task overview not loading

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Hi.  If you are a subscriber and have this issue,  please make sure you have the latest Evernote version for your device.  If so,  please contact Support -   https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new 

Free users can use "X" - https://twitter.com/evernotehelps

(In both cases it's usually easier to use the Settings > Support option in the mobile client)


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Still could not solve this issue. When I go to the help link, all I can do is read articles about the task funktion. But I cannot raise a ticket to the support team. That is quite annoying. I would love to get this issue solved. The task feature is even a paid feature and it is very sad that it is not working.

Please solve this issue and do not recommend me to go to the help section. I already did that and could not find the answer. I re-installed Evernote, I use the newest version.

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No, I've got no respone from the support team, but instead I got a notification that the price will increase um nearly 30€ per year 😕


I already quit my subscription.

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BTW the link to support is at the end of practically every help article. EN makes a routing that takes the user to the help database first. After proposing some articles, support is regarded as next step if the article didn’t solve the issue. As an example:


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