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No written notes with pen on Samsung galaxy fold galaxy tab s8 ultra evernote WAKE UP

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I cannot write with pen on galaxy fold 4 and galaxy tab s8 ultra. 


Of course evernote technicians are sleeping 


Evernote is trying to force us to switch to samsung notes. 


Except planing to increase the cost evernote do not forget to fix problems. If in the best tablets and phones we cannot use it to take notes then is useless. 


Sometimes add new note has a problem not working and synchronization takes for ever. These are problems which need to be addressed of course however the inability to take handwritten notes is simply ridiculous and unacceptable for a note taking app. On ipad is working most of the time 

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If you don't have time to fix problems just give us a refund 


Spending a lot of time on Twitter is not helpful. Maybe you must spend more time solving problems 


After so many years the app is having problems with synchronization 


Maybe the stupiest of people are responsible for this app. Even the stupiest would have fix synchronization after so many years 

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Welcome to the forums, I guess. Please be aware that these are user-to-user spaces. So the people you are addressing your abusive and insulting remarks to are not the Evernote staff or management, only your fellow users. If you're following Evernote on Twitter, you could try insulting them there. I think that's what Twitter is for.

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I have more than 12.000 medical notes on evernote the last year's that I am using it 

I am frustrated because even in the best tablets and phone enernote is not working 


Evernote engineers are definitively sleeping I have talked to support nothing happens. 


Twitter is OK however if evernote is not interested in making evernote working Twitter cannot help. 

On their Twitter account the post we have exciting plans . Which plans? Will those plans include to take notes in a note taking app? Let's see. In any case all this is a ridiculous situation that we are talking about taking notes in a note taking app 

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2 hours ago, magiaros said:

I do not know if it is insulting that the app is not working.


Maybe it is however is not my responsibility. 


What do you want me to write here? That it is working? It would be a lie 

I would like you to respect your fellow users who come here to see if they are able to offer answers to questions. I no longer expect this, however. And yet, I keep answering. This thread discusses the release of the updated version (most currently 10.53.2) to Google Play, where you should be able to find it soon if not already:


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Latest Version 10.53.2


Create new note works on galaxy fold 4 and galaxy tab s8 plus


Sketch and handwriting is not working unfortunately 


It was working some months ago 


Note annotation with pen works for example annotated a picture in a note with pen however palm rejection is not working either on ipad pro or galaxy tablets which means if you annotate a picture in a note with pen you must be careful not to touch the tablet... 


I already have 12.000 medical notes on Evernote I am switching to Samsung notes and onenote for handwritten notes and I am keeping Evernote hopefully it will fix this the next ten years  because there are so many tablets with pen out there. First ten years of Evernote probably not enough for pen support 


Onenote also not working well on galaxy tablets while you are writing words move I do not know why 

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On 1/18/2024 at 9:00 AM, arga.jorge said:
Good morning, I also had this error with z fold 5, it was updated to version UI 6 a few weeks ago and now the spen works correctly.

My S22 Ultra has had One UI v. 6 for a long time (may have come with it), sketch note continue to fail (S Pen or finger). Glad it's working for you -- maybe it's a fold thing?

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On 1/22/2024 at 6:47 PM, Dave-in-Decatur said:

My S22 Ultra has had One UI v. 6 for a long time (may have come with it), sketch note continue to fail (S Pen or finger). Glad it's working for you -- maybe it's a fold thing?

I have fold 5 with UI v. 6 but spen not working. I unistall evernote for this

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