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Bye Evernote

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Despite being a paying customer for 15 years, you decided to up your price by more than 100% without telling me in advance. But thanks for giving me the motivation to check out the alternatives. I've been amazed to discover how many free apps also perform MUCH BETTER than Evernote: reliable desktop apps that don't randomly pause syncing, nor refuse to run on one of my PCs. And I've got my sync folder back! Makes me lament how much my ignorance of the alternatives has cost me in subscription payments.

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Good luck in your new home.  This being a (mainly) user-run forum,  this was nothing to do with us - but since we all had six or seven years without price increases and plenty of notice it was coming,  we mostly decided to give the company at least another year to see how things play out.

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22 hours ago, Paolo669 said:

And I've got my sync folder back!

Good luck indeed with wherever you land. I'm just curious about this--do you mean an import folder? If so, v. 10 of Evernote has had that for quite awhile. I may be misunderstanding you; I just want the information to be clear for people who may come along here later.

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