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Phone number and Security Issue

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So recently I've had a bit of a security breach and when tightening up my Evernote security I ran into a snag.

I went to log in and when it asked for my Google Authenticator 2FA number I just checked that I didn't have it. It then said "send the code to your phone number" instead. 

Well a couple things. First off, what is the point of having Authenticator setup if you can just use your phone number anyways as well?

Secondly, I noticed in my particular situation that it also said I could send it to my "back up phone number" which I didn't even recognize!

My question is, how do I delete at least this back up phone number on file so that if someone breaches my password again with that phone number then they are unable to send a code to it? I can't seem to find anywhere where I can even see my phone numbers to change. I looked everywhere I think.

Please help!

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Hi.  I don't recognise the 'backup phone number' process.  2FA relies on a number generated by a security app on your phone.  Why would you 'not have' that?  If that fails you would have had access to a list of emergency numbers (not phone numbers) in cae you didn't have access to the phone.

For any problems with access - or questions about the process - you'd need to contact Evernote Support (we're mostly other users here...)

Set up two-step verification

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From what I see there is a mixup of 2FA/SMS and 2FA/authenticator in this case.

If the authenticator is used, there are backup codes to be used.

If SMSis used, usually a second phone number is asked as backup.

For me it is not clear if 

a) 2FA was erected correctly 

b) there may be a glitch that it falls back into the wrong option 

Try support, ticket type Account ?

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