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downgraded to free version now I cannot use the product at all

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I used to subscribe to pro, and thought maybe I can get away with using the free version. The free version says sync up to 2 devices (mobile not included I think). so the first day it says I have too many devices synced. I have used this product for many years so I had an accumulation of old devices. so I only selected my main desktop and my main phone. I got the message again but only saw 3 devices listed, phone, desktop, and some type of web app. So again, I just selected my phone and desktop. I got the message a third time and now it says I can only unsync devices twice a month. so now I cannot access my notes. I cannot send an email for assistance. I could not even post a message in the correct forum (had to select general discoussions). I do not think I want to use this product any longer. I might just sign up for a free 7 day trial, get my data exported, then never use this product again. it is pretty rediculous that I am not able to access my data and I have no options for support.

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Hi.  You're using a restricted free service,  and your phone,  desktop and the web app (which is where you add and remove devices) count as three.  You can go forward with the web plus one other device,  but you will need to wait out the month to be able to revoke one device,  or pay for one month's access (if that is available to you) to get access to your notes.

Understanding the device limit

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Thanks for the reply.

I did unselect web app as I do not use it. if you cannot unselect it and it is always required, then it should be removed from the option to not sync the web app and the device count should really be a single device, not two (as one of the devices required for syncing will always be the web app). I also do not understand why I could not access my notes from the web app. I was completley locked out and would be for an entire month? That just does not seem right to me. 

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The web app is the master app - it uses the server directly. It is logical it can’t be disabled.

The block comes up when more than 2 unsyncs are done / tried in a single month. In such a Case the unsyncs were done wrong.

You first need to log out on a client you want to unsync. Then use the account access on the other working device to unsync the first.

I run free accounts myself (mainly for testing) and never got myself locked out.

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