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MAJOR loading issues since update

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My Evernote is running version 10.60.4. Currently, here are the issues:

I can't delete notes... by any means possible (clicking and pressing delete, right clicking and clicking delete, etc). 

If I click "new note" I get the spinning wheel for what seems like forever... literally minutes, often with no new note being added when the wheel stops spinning. 

When I click on a reference file, only the title shows up... none of the info is present on the preview screen, and if I double click the note, I get a spinning wheel for literally minutes, sometimes with no change and nothing being opened. 


I'm basically dead in the water. Suggestions?


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Hi.  If you're a subscriber I'd go directly for the nuclear option.

> Go to sign out and tick "remove my data"
> Use Revo Uninstaller Free to 'nuke' Evernote and any related system files
> Restart your computer to clear any temporary caches
> Re-download and reinstall the latest Evernote app

NB this will take a little while depending on the size of your account,  and the speed of your connection:  don't do it when you're in a hurry!

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Sorry,  maybe I oversold that a bit... The parent copy of all your notes is kept on the server,  with a 'child' version locally (on a desktop) to allow you to see notes quicker.  My assumption was that your local installation is corrupted somewhere - either the database or the search index - and this method,  using Revo to clear off any traces of your previous installation will allow a clean reinstall.  The server will rebuild your local database over the next few minutes or hours,  depending on how many notes you have.

If you want to try the less extreme options first,  they include just signing out and back in,  and a power off / power back on rotation.

There is no nuclear fallout at any stage of the operation.  ;)

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