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Adding headings/sections to Evernote

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Hi All,

I'm starting a new document concerning learning HTML. I was wondering if there is a way in Evernote to create sections similar to Word where I can click on a section in a Navigation panel and go to that section to quickly revisit my notes? In Word this is done by adding Headings and I tried using tags but clicking on them in the Navigation panel only takes you into the document as a whole rather than a part of the document with the named notes. Could you let me know if this feature is available in Evernote ? Thank you :) 



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  • Evernote Expert

It is not an option.

The suggested way of achieving is to create each 'chapter' or section in a note of its own. Then create a note to hold a Table of Contents. Add an internal notelink for each section into the table of contents.

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