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Multiple account managing

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Hi Evernote Team,

I currently have at least 4 Evernote accounts, every one of them which is obviously linked to a specific email account.
Lets call these email accounts account1, account 2, account3 and account4.
If I will register an Evernote Business account with another Fifth account, will I be able to add all the previous 4 accounts on my Android app loggin in with the 5th account?

Thank you

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You can log in to each of your accounts but only one at a time. But you could share notebooks from accounts 1-4 with account 5. Then just login to 5 and view these shared notebooks through account 5.

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Hi agsteele,

I'm not sure if a correclty understood your answer.
First of all a premise:  'm traslating from Italian on my own the labels of the Android appto explain the issue.

I will put my question on another form: currently on the Evernote Android app, if I click on the arrow beside the account name and email "section" a menu is show.
The first voice is "Add a business account".

Trying to add the second of my two Professional billing type accounts the app returns this error message:
Access error
The account is of the wrong type to access.
Only business accounts can be added.

So: to have all my accounts logged in the app I will have to bring all the accounts to the Busineess billing level?

Anyway, I suppose I will follow your advice.
Thank you


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Thanks for the extra explanation. Things do become more challenging working via translation.

The option is not to ADD a business account but UPGRADE TO BUSINESS.

This changes your account to the Business / Teams level.

Unless you have a team of people to work with, there is no benefit to upgrading.

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