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Login Needs Work



Cool product and I love using Evernote to capture snapshots and information across all my devices very rapidly.

But the login process needs...work. In case the team has not already identified these items and they should be obvious:

  1. Impossible to authenticate to web extension copying-and-pasting a password, since the password box disappears when it loses focus.
  2. Stop leaning on your AI captcha to block bots. Use 2FA if you must. I just had to wade through 5 minutes of "identify the bus" "click all the traffic lights" "no, all the traffic lights" nonsense.
  3. After logging in in the same browser session, navigating a new window to evernote.com does not automatically enter you into the web app, it takes you to the main company site and asks you to log in.
  4. Navigating between evernote.com, help.evernote.com, and discussion.evernote.com, none of these sites appear to remember that your login is cached and in some cases it isn't. You are crazy to not automatically authenticate.

Also, logging an issue is too complicated...why would you choose this "forum" format to handle bug reports? Totally wrong solution.

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By now I assume you've realised that these forums are primarily user-to-user support.  If you want to submit a technical support ticket you can go via the help area of the Evernote website. These forums aren't somewhere to log an issue. They are space to seek advice from fellow users who might have experienced the issues themselves and be able to point you to a way of resolving the problem. When that works it usually works more speedily than a support ticket.

There is also a chat option but this is suspended at present because of some challenges with support workload.

If you want to login directly to the web client go to: https://www.evernote.com/client/web

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Beside this is the wrong place to drop a bug report, I can’t reproduce most of it.

I think there must be something wrong with the browser used (no information), the browser settings (no information), the surrounding network, like security software or firewall (no information) or the OS privacy settings (no information).

Since all hard facts are missing, I can just tell that what’s described is not my experience.

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