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Need to export my data

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I am going to try not to get into major complaint mode.  I have close to 5000 notes.   I can't afford $180 a year with no guarantee that Evernote will meet my needs. (cancer and fixed income)

90% of what I need is the text.  Yes there are attachments, and a few are important. but I can probtably reconstruct them.

I rightclicked on two different Notebooks using my Mac desktop version and exported as Single HTML    The export gave no errors. 

Original Notebook has 167 notes.  Sorting the export by file type, I see approximately 475 files where the names do not match my note names:

  • 1 m4a file (Apple movie)
  • 22 files with no name
  • 189 files named Evernote or Evernote (n), where n is 1=188
  • another 11 files with no name
  • 8 files named picture or resource
  • 8 gifs
  • 118 jpgs
  • 3 bin
  • 18 pdfs (imported into Evernote, each completely readable and having a clear name)
  • 32 pngs
  • 64 svg files (in the format of svg_n.svg  with some svg_n (n).svg where the n is a number that increases by one.  (What is .svg)
  • l huge html file

It will take me a long, long time, but I can open the HTML file and cut and paste each note into another note program or text files that are organized in different folders.  Is there an easier way.  (Chemo has sapped my money and strength. I understand the term "chemo brain.")

On help forums, there are those who respond by: a) blaming the person, b) name calling, c) saying you are unworthy for treating software like a tool instead of worshiping it like a god.  Much like other evangelists, they believe that if someone follows the same path they have that my life will be better. It's like forcing the hungry and homeless to sit through services and demonstrate they have joined a face just to eat.  Write as if you were writing to me privately and didn't have an audience of others.


I have about a week on the free trial. Is this the best way to export my notes to I can utilize them? Clarifying questions and answers to help me achieve my task are really appreciated.




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It depends on where you want to take your data.

Other note apps will usually import ENEX files.

If you want to open notes in a browser, use HTML - single note.

HTML multiple notes is difficult, because (at least for me) the links from the HTML to the attachments don’t work. You get all attachments on a heap, no way to tell which belongs to which note.

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Thanks.  As I've spent a bit more time on this I realize I only need to be concerned with the html file and I can cut and paste each note.  I should also make an enex in case that can be imported.

I am probably going to use MS Onenote. 

I had selected to go back to the free version, but two days ago, when I tried to use it, I was forced to sign up for a pay plan to use my own data;  I signed up for ome week for free.

Evernote has migrated towards a business environment with sharing.  And little time has been spent on being intuitive or working in a standard way. Since it has been bought out, the new owners have not bothered to talk to the existing base.  I believe that features important to single users will continue to go and Evernote will end up being a tool for offices.

I hope the people in this system will find that Evernote continues to meet their needs and is responsive.  I've only used it for about 8 years, but it still feels sad

Be well.

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