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What in the hell is wrong with the web client?  Every damn day, I have the same issue where the web client just shows the loading screen.

I need to constantly refresh, close the tab and try a new one, and pray it loads.

Today though - after I login, I get the never ending loading screen.  The page just will not load.  Attached is the loading screen which has been like this for 5+ minutes.

I am a paying customer - SORT YOUR ***** OUT EVERNOTE!!!!

I use the latest version of Chrome, on a new Macbook Pro, with gigabit internet.  I am logging in via the Google Account login button.

Screenshot 2023-07-08 at 22.11.48.png

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Hi.  We're mainly other users here,  so very little access to sort out *****  - I'd suggest you report the browser issue to Support and maybe try another browser,  or the installed desktop client?

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I see this sometimes (for years), and usually find that clearing cookies in the browser (sometimes just for the past hour, or for the past day to be sure) and then reloading the tab will get it going. Somehow Evernote Web, even through a wholesale redesign, seems to choke on its own cookies.

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