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Dear Evernote,

I'm sorry for the tone of this message, but you are increasing the price of my annual subscription from $69.99 to $129.99!!??!  Are you serious with this? You said:


By introducing new pricing, we know we risk upsetting valued Evernote customers like you.

No kidding. If you have to increase prices by almost double in a single year, then either you are making some horrible technology decisions or you need another tier without all the "advanced features" I don't care about.

In either case, I'm not renewing for that price. If you don't offer a tier close to the existing price I'm going to figure out a way to get my years of notes out of your product and move to something different. This is a travesty and whomever in your company thought doubling your price was a good idea needs their head examined.

I've been a loyal customer for a while and I find this move insulting.

Do better.

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Hi.  This is a mostly user-supported Forum.  If you're a subscriber you will also have access to Support with whom you can share your opinion.  They can also help you export your notes to PDF / HTML or ENEX files if you wish.  

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I tried to contact support but they disabled chat, I can find no applicable options in their support tree, and are being very guarded over the email address. They keep iterating over and over to post in the forum on their support site.

So I get from this, they don't want to hear it. They just want to direct us to the forum so we can vent.

Do you happen to know where else I can direct my ire, either an email or phone number?

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