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Create a backup that will be imported into another account

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I had an IT meltdown; desktop PC and smartphone both out of action.

I re-installed Evernote and tried to open it  on a new laptop but couldn't remember the email address for the Evernote account, so I set up a new account on my Gmail address and paid for the basic upgrade (£50 for the year).

My desktop PC has now been repaired and I can see my old Evernote data (on a Googlemail email address that I'd forgotten about).

I now want to import my data from the old googlemail account to my new Gmail account.

How do I do that? 


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Hi.  I don't understand what you paid £50 for - evernote doesn't have an account at that level unless there was a substantial first-year discount.  Were you also a subscriber on the Googlemail account?  You should be able to share notebooks with yourself to make all notes available in both accounts,  but I don't know what would be best in the long term - exporting the notebooks from one into ENEX files for import into the other or continuing to share.  Best to contact Support for more advice on this - they aren't us,  and they do know what's possible...  

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