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screen capture issue

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Recently when accessing the Evernote icon at the top of my iMac's window, I notice that when I click on it to screen capture a portion of the window I'm on, that the Evernote app pops up on the screen obscuring what I'm trying to capture.  When I try to move the little crossbars over to the window I'm trying to capture, they disappear.  Here's the Evernote window I'm talking about.  Any thoughts on why this is doing it?  Just started recently. Happening on my iMac as well as my wife's iMac





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With the helper box open, click the third icon from the left at the bottom of the window. The screen capture cross marks should open and allow you to select the area of the screen you want to capture.

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AG Steele - that is what I was doing. However, when I click on that the Evernote app pops up on the screen in front of the window I'm trying to capture and then when I try to move the crosshairs over to the window that is hidden the crosshairs disappear.

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