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Improve Font Sizing and Printing



I would like an Increase/Decrease Font Size like MS Wordpad has. It works great when you have a selected block of mixed sizes and want to boost/decrease everything a bit.

Also, printing formatting could use some improvements:

  • With a default of 16-pt, notes print very large and consume a lot of paper. I like the default size on the screen, but would like default print to be closer to the standard 10-point (11 or 12-point would still be much better than 16).
  • Ability to insert page breaks for printing.
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Printing allows to set a reduction factor, for example 75% with a click of the mouse. This will reduce the size of all elements, including text.

Make sure you are on 10.58.8 (Win/Mac), it has improved print settings.

A note in EN is practically a small website. Websites don’t have „pages“, they are a continuous flow of information. The concept of a „page“ is foreign to the HTML encoded structure of a note. It would as well break the platform neutrality - that is the property to display the content adapted to the device, no matter where a note is opened.

If you want fine Lay-out control, export to a word processor or page Lay-out app, and make the adjustments there.

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The reduction factor you refer to appears to be for the Professional level only. I'm a Personal level subscriber.

I am aware of the limits of HTML. It doesn't seem like Evernote was HTML based a few years ago and it printed much better. To me, it has been a step backwards.

It seems they could have used a smaller font. 

I do often use a word processor for better printing, but one (at least at Personal level) cannot export to a word processor; one has to copy and paste. (I have that export in as a separate feature request.) Typically when I copy/paste, I lose bold, etc., so it can take a lot of formatting work. Once I've copied a document out of Evernote, I often don't go back. The time-consuming work involved in making documents format well and print in a reasonable number of pages makes Evernote less than ideal and will be a big factor in whether I renew each year. 

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Every word processor I know will open an HTML file. HTML is really the de facto standard for common lowest level transfer of content.

But you are correct that printing has been poor in V10 until very recently. V10.58 does seem to have resolved many things.

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