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Is Evernote usable as a bookmark manager in 2023?

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I noticed some sites are recommending using the clipper extension from evernote as a way to add new bookmarks, and I tried myself, but I noticed a few small things Evernote is missing that I think would actually make this viable. The mainly thing I noticed is that the clipper doesn't recognize if the link is already saved. And it seems like there is no native export/import compatibility either.

So I came here to ask, is there anyone here using this as a bookmark manager in addition to as a notebook manager?

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Don't know about anyone else,  but while I do have page links in Evernote,  it's not my bookmark manager.  Any browser will do that for you,  and many will sync the bookmarks you keep on one device to all the others on which you use the same browser.

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The web clipper is mainly used to save a static image of a web site, this means as it was in the moment of clipping. The URL will be saved together with it, but not for keeping bookmarks.

The bookmark option only saves the bookmark, not the page itself. This means the site will be followed dynamically, without saving content grabbed from the website.

If you only want to save bookmarks, you should try to find a better solution.

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9 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

If you only want to save bookmarks, you should try to find a better solution.

It does seems that way, I'm guessing every other note software with a web clipper is the same. I figured I would ask to people who actually use these daily to confirm.

It does feels like the tag system would be amazing for a bookmark manager. I have around 6k links, so it's a bit hard to navigate through all that with just your basic manager.

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46 minutes ago, Ricardobh823 said:

I have around 6k links

Wow - I see your problem.  I tend to organise mine into sub-folders;  everything to do with photography is under tha heading,  likewise with cars / banks / note-taking...

I see your point that tagging links would do the same thing,  but either way you would have a long slog going through 6,000 entries.

Actually,  now that I think about it - you should be able to export all your browser bookmarks to an HTML file.  If you then open that file in your browser you could easily clip it to Evernote to get all your links in one note.  They should show up in bulleted list format.  You could search that list with Ctrl(Cmd)+F on a desktop to get to individual links,  and copy or move links around to your hearts' desire.  

I'd suggest you do that over a long period though as and when you need specific links.  Add new ones as and when they come up. 

You could then clear out your browser based links and rely on the note...

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I am not sure I understand how things are currently organized. You say you have 6k links, that’s in the browser ?

You already noted some issues that make EN sort of hard to use for bookmark collections. A note AFAIK can only store 1 URL in the field designated to it, and it can’t be exported easily.

You could store links in notes (for example all recipes), but tagging works on a note level, not a bookmark level.

If you want Italian and French recipes separate, you could use 2 notes for the bookmarks. But if you then want to tag for meat and fish, you can’t. You could, if one note holds one bookmark, but that may be not practical for other reasons.

My conclusion: You should probably look for a solution that integrates with your browser.

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