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Drag and drop images and pdf between notes creates error

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I don't do the drag and drop stuff.  I think that has been an issue for sometime in the Windows app. In both cases open a support ticket to add your voice to the issue.

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4 hours ago, Mishkafofer said:

Downloaded 10.5.85

The error continues.

The error caused by drag and drop.

Regular Copy Paste works without issues.

I believe you are running in the merge ór paste attachments, images, etc. bug. See the link below. The same error message you got it shown there when pasting. I think the pasting process is probably the same as a drag-and-drop process, when it comes to embedding the data in the note.  I can confirm this is not fixed in 10.58.5 version. In that version the "half of my note is gone" bug seems to be fixed. I haven't run into that one for a whole day, where it happens to me about once a day. 


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