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Scannable app

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I realise this topic has been brought up a few times but wondered if I'd missed a thread or fix.

Everytime the scannable app update it reverts the settings to default and logs me out of evernote. Visibly we are unaware of this except the recents folder reappears. We have to send pdf attachments as the receiver software won't recognise anything else but post update it reverts to png/jpg.


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Hi.  I don't know whether Scannable will be updated - the existing app camera feature seems to have most of the Evernote-related capabilities.  I'm an Android user so for a third-party option I use Adobe Scan or MS Office Lens both of which have perspective correction and will save to PDF.

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From my point of view, anybody should treat the independent apps like Penultimate, Scannable and Skitch as deprecated.

All were kept by the old devs team, maybe even by developers who were onboarded by EN when EN bought these apps, years back.

The apps were never really integrated into EN. The whole dev team that supported these apps beside the core software was supposedly laid off some month ago, when EN relocated their offices to Italy,

I don't think there was any focus on these giveaway apps, that were in a desolate state of technology even then. I would simply move on to alternatives that are maintained better, and actually work better.

For Scannable probably Microsoft Lens is a solid free alternative. Personally I use ScannerPro, but it is not free. It has an option to define workflows, that will send a scan ready with tags into predefined notebooks. With one or two handful of workflows I cover 80% of my scanning actions, and have little to no rework in EN with filing. That's for me worth the money.

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