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I want to get my billing invoices from 19/20, 20/21, 21/22

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For my current tax needs (in Australia) I need copies of my billing invoices. I downgraded to a free version but I used to use the $15/month version for a few years.
Could you please assist in how I could access the annual costs invoices for tax years
-  2019 - 2022
-  2020 - 2021
-  2021 - 2022
Thank you very much
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Hi.  If you're looking for details of payments to Evernote,  see 'My Account' page https://www.evernote.com/Settings.action  where you should be able to see a history.

If you're looking for payments to other firms in that period,  you'd need to search by date and (presumably) the name of the firm.  See Search overview for more on that.


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Oh and @gazumped's post includes a space at the end of the URL. Remove that and it should work 

Also the archive covers only 24 months. So you will need to open a Billing ticket for earlier periods.

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23 minutes ago, Aaron Armstrong said:

Can we get someone from Evernote to email copies of these invoice receipts please?

Hi.  This is a user-supported forum,  and Evernote won't blindly send out user information on the basis of a post here.  As @agsteele suggested - open a billing ticket - try the 'support' link in Settings from your mobile app.

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