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Web client "saving" all the time

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Every time I open a note in the web client, the note page remains blank for a long time, and says "Saving..." in the bottom right hand corner; eventually the note loads. This delay is too long and this behaviour is new. Anyone else experiencing this?

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This sounds like the widely discussed conversion of notes to the new RTE formats. Each note is converted when you first open it. Should happen once the first time you access a note.

If happening on the same note you should open a support ticket.

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Thank you for the quick reply. Happy to mark this as 'solution', although explanation would be a better word. I realize the following is not your responsibility, but it seems the place to write it.

  1. It would have been nice if Evernote, in addition to the tedious marketing emails they regularly send, had sent an email warning everyone to expect this. But perhaps I missed it.
  2. Could this not happen in the background and not mess up using the app? The process could go on for years if I only open notes every so often!
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Ah yes, of course! I was thinking about whether there was a technical barrier, but it is just about saving them electricity. That sucks! They should be careful; Evernote is still the best game in town, but Nimbus and Notion are close: it would only take a couple of feature additions for me to switch completely.

Do  you know the reason for the switch to RTE? Will it enable new features? In particular, will Markdown support be better? The main two features EN is missing, from my point of view, are Latex-type support and sortable tables (although a graph view would be cool, as would Nebo-style diagrams). 

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RTE is about a completely different way of syncing. Before they were syncing whole notes. With RTE (which is the branding) they only sync the little changes that were actually done.

This should prevent duplication and conflict notes, and it allows to keep the same note open on several devices, editing from each one. Good for shared notes (before a note was locked for all others when one user was editing), but good for single users as well, for example for daily diaries.

Its a major overhaul in the engine room. It won’t by itself bring features like the ones you mentioned. 

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