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Penultimate notes fail to show content in Evernote

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This just started happening since about a week ago, maybe. When I try to view notes created in Penultimate in Evernote, it only shows a blank space with usual "lock" with the message "View Only." I can see the thumbnail shows the image of what I've created in Penultimate & I can see & edit the note in Penultimate. When it updates, the content shows up briefly in Evernote, then goes blank shortly after.

I have tried deleting & re-installing both Penultimate & Evernote but the problem persists.

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Hi.  Evernote recently changed the way that note contents are coded,  and while Penultimate is listed as having an integration it has not (AFAIK) been updated or upgraded in some long time.  You may be better off looking for another handwriting compatible  app if that's what you need.

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Works as before, no issues - just gave it a try. A test page took a few seconds to sync with the account, and the note appeared maybe a minute later on devices.

If it doesn't work for you, drop Penultimate from your account, and connect the app anew with the account.


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