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Check Boxes with Ordered List

Mad Gemini


In old version ( it was possible to create check boxes with ordered lists. But after upgrade now it's not possible to create. To make easy to understand here is the summary:

We can create todo list like this:

  1. Change folder view
    1. Open a random folder
    2. View > Hidden objects
    3. Check the button

But in previous verisons we could create with check boxes. This feature very useful for creating workflows step by step for our employees.

ordered list with check boxes.jpg

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This list is not ordered. Ordered would mean you type down the list, and then click on a sorting function, and it will (typically) sort it by the initial characters. This list is not sorted, it is a numbered list.

In v10 lists were improved a lot. Example: When you hover with the mouse over the list, a handle appears, to draw the complete line into a new position.

What you can‘t do: Mix 2 formats, like numbered and checklist.

What you can do is this - but I don‘t recommend it, it is quite laborious. I first created the numbered list, indented it, and then inserted a character (first block a space, second block a period), and entered a checkbox from the blue + menu. The character should prevent the checkboxes to be autoconverted



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3 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

The character should prevent the checkboxes to be autoconverted

Good idea to be safe but in this case I'm not even sure a character is necessary

Although it is quite laborious the [] (open square bracket close square bracket) shortcut makes it reasonably quick.

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