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I'm not sure how to best describe the problem I am having, so I will attach a picture that will better show the issues.

But basically, the window for an open note is only taking a small section of the screen. However over half the screen is just dark gray and not being used. It doesn't matter which view mode that I'm on (box, list, etc.) 

My question is how do I get notes to take the majority of the screen? 


Notes: This is the mac desktop app. The issue started (and persisted) since the last update (which was around a month ago). We can adjust the sizes of the left most column (with the "home" "shortcuts" and stuff, and we can adjust the size of the middle column with the notes. However, we cannot find a way to move the rightmost column more to the right. 


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If you search the forum, you find several threads treating this issue.

You use the old legacy client on your Mac. This software is deprecated, not supported any longer. And when you updated to Ventura, this OS update broke the window display of the old EN client. When you keep Ventura up to date, the new brick from the wall is that it won't display pdf files any more.

To tell a long story short, nothing of this will be fixed, no support on legacy. Update to the new client v10 - the current version count is 10.56.

Prepare for a mild shock, and get used to the new client. It does a lot, and a lot better than legacy ever did. But some features are missing, and will not return. Most important: If you use local notebooks (not synced to the server), you need to export them before making the switch. When you decide to import them again, they will then sync to the server. If you don't want this, you need to export in a format you can use offline, like HTML or pdf.

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