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There has not been a GANTT Chart feature for a long time - in fact I don't remember ever seeing such a thing but my memory may be faulty.

Create a GANTT Chart in a spcialised program or spreadsheet and embed it in a note. Professional/Teams subscribers could create a GANTT chart in Excel and it will be shown inside a note.  This is a paid for feature for Pro and Teams.

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Read it carefully: It says Evernote AND LEADING PROJECT MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE.

Evernote Teams can be used as a lightweight project planning and tracking tool, but it also shines when used alongside your organization’s platform of choice. Together, Evernote and leading project management software form a complete solution for keeping your team informed, connected, and productive.

It does nowhere say that GANT charts are a build in feature of EN. They are reasoning about using both tools together. Surprise: The GANT needs to come from your project management software. It is no feature of EN Teams. These features are listed in the next paragraph, together with some more 3rd party tools.

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