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Someone has shared several notes with me in the past. I no longer work with that person, but some notes and tags are still in my evernote. I have moved the notes to a separate notebook, but in my list of tags there are also a few tags that relate to those notes. I can't delete it just move it to "add to shortcuts"

Is it possible to remove these tags as well. It is confusing because some tags are now double because I also use them myself

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There is a very long standing issue with shared notes. 

Before separating from a sharer, they should unshare the note. If that isn't done the notes will remain with the person who received them and the various shared tags will also remain.

You should copy the content of any shared notes that you wish to keep and then, if possible, get the original owner to unshare with you. Then you can delete the left over stuff.

If you have lost contact with the original owner then the only option is to move the notes into a new notebook which you could call old shared notes or whatever you like. The shared tags will remain.

This isn't how this would be in and ideal world. Certainly report it via a ticket. But until it is resolved you will be forced to work around.

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5 hours ago, JoeWickz said:

Still an issue!

Fix this asap please!
Cant remove shared TAGS. 

When right-click for DELETE, the only option is " "add to shortcuts"

Hi, and welcome to the forums. Two points about how to get the best out of them:

  1. These are user-to-user spaces. No one here can fix things. Evernote staff do look in sometimes, but only rarely and in urgent cases are they likely to respond directly here. For direct tech support, reporting issues, or making feature requests: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new.
  2. Reading through the thread before posting is 100% always a good idea. The post right before yours lays out the facts of this particular situation.
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