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Evernote for iPad: arrows that are encircled with a green blinking circle.

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After updating Evernote for iPad to version 10.50, I have noticed two new icons beside each note. The first one is a downward arrow encircled with a blinking circle of green dots. Another icon is a white downward arrow inside a grey circle, see attachment. Most notes are with the green blinking circle. What do these icon mean? If they are icons showing the sync status, then almost all my notes are not synced!


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The green dots indicate that the note is being downloaded to the iPad to be accessed locally at all times, irrespective of connection to the Internet. The Black dot with the down arrow indicates that it has completed the download.

I presume you selected download for these files.

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These new icons were introduced at least a couple of months ago. See here for a related thread with more information and discussion: 

@bmcl26 is right, but I also wonder if there isn't some bug in the latest release as I'm not seeing the green spinning circle go away on several of my notes on mobile just now -- even on small notes with a couple of small images -- and even after I open the note and *see the whole note* just fine on my mobile device -- the green spinning circle remains. (For me, this is with version 10.50.2 on iPhone.)

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You find a pretty good and up to date description of the mobile offline download in this help document:


In general it is worth looking up things in the EN help database. They invest quite an effort into keeping up with app updates and new features.

They run a good YT channel as well:


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