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  1. I echo this request (in fact I logged onto the forum to make it, and found this thread in a search). It would be good if tables in Evernote became just a little bit smarter. Like @Mr R I don’t want to turn EN into Excel, but extending the functionality a little would mean that simple tasks that I currently do in Google Sheets could be brought “in house” to Evernote. The rollout of Tasks has shown that there is value in extending EN to wrap more of our day to day needs - hopefully this could be another example. For my particular use case, being able to sort a table by values in a column would be a big win.
  2. Hi, this falls into the “any other advice” category. I do all my digital handwriting on the Noteshelf app now - it syncs automatically to EN (export only, you can’t edit in EN). It’s the best handwriting solution I’ve found.
  3. Thanks @gazumped. I like EN enough that if they're working to reduce the differences between clients then I'm willing to hang on and see how that pans out.
  4. Hi all. I'm a premium subscriber, but have drifted away from using Evernote recently. I'm thinking about coming back to the fold, but there are one or two things that are causing me pause. My main requirements over and above text input and photo input (both of which work fine) are: Writing code snippets. In particular, I want the editor to respect the whitespace I enter, because it is significant in Python Tables. I've found that these capabilities aren't universal across the Evernote clients I use - I've attached an image showing a comparison table of the clients I have access to, and whether or not they support these features. I understand that different platforms may offer different capabilities (although I'm a bit surprised that the web client differs depending on what browser I use). Does Evernote publish a list of which features are supported by which client? And I'd be a happy bunny if the iPhone and iPad clients were to support tables and code blocks. 😀
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