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Account access but locked out of certain Settings

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I wanted to look at some account settings for which access is needed to the web interface.
Logging in to my notes worked fine. In Settings, however, when trying to e.g. "Manage email" I am asked to provide my password.
This is where the trouble starts: I am asked to verify my account and an email was sent to do so. That email never arrives,
The email account receives other emails perfectly well.

So, while I have a functioning Evernote (on Android and Web) I am unable to access certain account settings an no longer receive emails from Evernote.
It is a strange matter. I have use of my account but not access to all settings as the verification email doesn't arrive ever. 

Then, at some point, Evernote told me my password had to be reset. To do so an email had been sent....
It's becoming Kafka. Then at some point there was an error message saying Evernote had technical issues.
It wasn't there for long so no screenshot of it.

I have no idea what is happening or why. My email account works seemly perfectly: emails are being received.
Support could not be reached as one must log in for that so this forum is my last resort.

What I think must be done, from the side of Evernote, is to reset my password and change my email address to a mailbox hosted at another provider.
It would IMO make sense if Evernote would allow a backup email address to be added to an account.
I will enable 2FA once I gain full access to the Settings in the hope that will give another, besides email, way of access if such partial lockout would reoccur.

Anyone with suggestions is welcome to share them. I hope somehow Evernote Support reaches out to me to work on this issue.
Have a nice day.



1 Account web access.png

2 Verify email.png

3 Check email.png

4 Logged in H&L.png

5 Logged in web notes.png

6 PW reset required.png

7 Password reset email sent.png

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This is one of the issues that will require help from the Evernote support team.  Please open a ticket which you will have to do as a guest.  You can use the Account issues section for access without being able to login.

Under 'Unable to Login' scroll to the bottom of the screen and submit an Email.  You should provide your registered Email address and, probably, offer a separate Email address for the correspondence.

Support Ticket – Evernote Help & Learning

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Just to complete the list:

The Email sometimes end up in the Spam folder - you don’t mention checking there. Sometimes the mail provider even refuses an email, which can leave the mail account owner clueless about why nothing has been received.

In this case support seems the best option. If you can’t access them with your account email, here is „support as a guest“:

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Reporting back

Support quickly sorted the matter out.
They emailed me on the dedicated account's email address.
The address that somehow failed to receive their automated password reset emails.

I was instructed to log in with the old log in details and next to make changes.
They also added [to have] "made some adjustments to your account as well on our end."

Besides asking me to change my password after logging in I was also asked to confirm I had added  no-reply@account.evernote.com to the email client's White List.
As I was using my own domain name based email account I assume the mail server didn't handle *@account.evernote.com" appropriately. It might have assumed emails coming from Evernote must all be "*@evernote.com" and trashed the email before even showing it in the Spam folder.

Obviously after having reestablished access to my account I changed the password.
I also abandoned my own domain name based email address and provided a Gmail address. 
It's not a mailing address I use in public but as Gmail has never played up receiving emails it seems the way to go.

Also set up 2FA but not via the suggested Gmail Authenticator but using MS Authenticator.
The reason being - learnt the hard way after changing mobile phones - that while Google backs up everything it doesn't do so with your 2FA mobile data(!)
MS Authenticator does.

Added my local mobile number and to my amazement was asked for a backup mobile phone number.
Here the site had a hiccup: neither in Chrome nor in Edge browsers it actually allowed me to save the 2nd mobile number.
The Save button just didn't react. Maybe it was related to my mobile numbers being in different countries? A bug?
Anyway, once the one phone number was added and confirmed by text message I was able to add the 2nd one later.

To be complete: 
The system let me choose between saving a bunch of verification codes or using a Authenticator app.
At first I had opted for the list of codes. Those needed to be saved somewhere secure.
Thought it was too much hassle and re-did the procedure to sign up using an Authenticator app.
It seems not possible to use the codes and the Authenticator app at the same time if needed. Fair enough.

That's it.
Thank you to agsteele and PinkElephant for helping out.
I do think Evernote should make it more clear how they can be contacted when logged out.
As so many support sites nowadays I didn't figure out how to contact Support and felt the site was putting me in a loop.
Thank you agsteele and PinkElephant for your help and have a nice day.


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Hmmm - just tried some of the stuff.

Second phone - no issue

No second mail address, but OK.

For the Authenticator app the notorious "Google Authenticator" text is completely misleading. Any app can be used that creates the standard time-based cipher codes.

Personally I do not trust any of the biggies - I use Authy as my authenticator of choice. What's nice about it is that it makes installing on several systems easy. So if I don't find one, I use another - quite often it is my Apple Watch, because I take it along all of the time.

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