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important note in evernote was only updated from one month ago - when I opened evernote, after restarting.

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Hi Evernote Admin, 

My most important note in evernote was only updated from one month ago - when I opened evernote, after restarting. evernote notes were not syncing to the latest date I edited my main note.

Was this because the note had too much text?



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Hi.  No user-facing Admins here - we're mainly just users.  Have you tried Note History?  If you're not yet a subscriber it should still be possible to subscribe - even if only for a month or two - and see the previous incarnations of this note back to its creation.  If the history isn't helpful,  you'll at least have access to Support staff who may be able to work out what happened to your content.  https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208313858 

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Hi Gazumped, 


Many thanks for your help.


Yes I have seen notes history but I still have 1 month missing. As it shows the notes history accessible from the 11/3/23 and continues to the 10/4/23. But there wasn't the month which had all the edits:(

The edits from 10/4/23 was when I noticed I don't have one month's worth of edits and couldn't continue from then on.

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The problem with unsynced content is it usually does not sync because there is a corruption in the local database. You as user can’t see this, and only catch it when you notice by accident that changes don’t show on other devices.

Since it didn’t sync, the server is not updated, and note history is a server side feature.

In such a case maybe a local backup can be used. Do you run TimeMachine ? But we better wait what support says - else we may destroy what may be available someplace.

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Time Machine in basic settings will run including the EN data folder. If TM is enabled, there will be a copy of the date, with versions.

If TM is not enabled (and no other backup) I’m afraid the data can’t be recovered.

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You find the directory in ~/Library/Application Support/ (Direct Download) or in ~/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote/Data (AppStore version). The initial symbol stands for your user account.

You can open the TM timeline and check for this folder. If it is there, the idea is this method to create an ENEX copy of your note (not a full description, just an outline).

  1. Quit the EN app, open the place in the above folder and rename the Evernote folder into Evernote.OLD
  2. Then put the EN folder from the TM backup into the same place.
  3. Take the Mac offline, open EN. It will locate the folder and open it.
  4. Now get the note and export it as ENEX to your drive. Quit EN again.
  5. Erase the EN folder you inserted from the directory. Rename the .OLD folder back by erasing the extension you added.
  6. Go online again. Open EN. Import the ENEX file to restore the note.

Hint: I’m just another user. I think this will work, but no warranties.

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