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Make 20Eur year plan option.



Hello, I use evernote for years, very useful tool. Google play pass cost 20 euro per Year, please make some mini-plan option at that price tag.
I think there are thousands of people on same vibe as me, I just can't get hooked on another 8/month service, but I would not mind at all throwing 20 bucks per year on something with value.
I can still continue at free , but think its just waste of money potential :)

Best regards

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Hello, nothing too serious, would be more like light donate, also ideally if it do not repeat automatically after year. There is such an evil aura around repeat subscriptions which make people not to jump into it even if its cheap.

From possible features for 20 eur year plan:
- Sync across devices Up to 4 .
- Some limited history of changes (Up to limit of 20 changes per file, with limit of storing max 7 days old change, with limit up to 20mb in history, mostly just protection to random deleting of text by mistake)

Think this would be more than enough, for casual text notes users.

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This proposal resembles the discontinued Plus plan. It was originally close to the 20 bucks, and it was somewhere in between Free and Premium.

You can propose everything. But if EN wanted to offer something similar, they could just revive Plus. I don’t think we will ever see this - economically  it makes little sense, since any subscription account has a base cost level.

These base cost would be hardly covered by 20 bucks - but it would remove many incentives to opt into a full subscription.

The device limit can be circumvented by using the web client. It counts as 1 device, even if used on many physical devices.

And for the history: You can subscribe to Personal for 2-3 month every year for the same price. If you urgently need to recover something, that’s doing the same job, but on demand, without limits.

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