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How to manage tasks and tags for text in notes

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I have just started using Evernote and am trying to figure out how to do the following. If this is possible.

I keep a journal and write most things down as I have dozens of projects on the go. I'm in a meeting and keeping a track of the discussion:

  • yt - xxx yyy xxx [what the person yt said that I want to remember]
  • rs - xxx yyy xxx
  • task - zzz - project [a new task for me, associated with a specific project]
  • idea - aaa - category [a new idea for something, add it to a category list]
  • rs - xxx yyy xxx
  • task - zzz - project - for rs [another task, this time a reminder to me that someone else owns this]

 So at the end of the meeting I have some notes which includes some tasks for me and others and some ideas I don't want to forget. And, of course!, I have six meetings today all of which have a collection of notes, tasks and ideas.

I can see how to make a task into a task. But how do I tag it to be for a specific project and then create a view that shows a list of all the tasks for this project? And see which ones belong to other people?

How can I tag an idea as an idea, see a list of them by category (home, work, personal etc...)?

I feel like I am missing something obvious or I can't use Evernote in this way.

Any help is very much appreciated.



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Hi.  Personally I'd use the meeting note as a kind of "parent" with links to new notes for each project  or person (whichever is easier for you) plus your own "ideas" list.  Copy text from the meeting note into the linked notes and set up your tasks there so you can keep track.  You can also add tags to the child-notes for future searching.  The back-links will show you which task came from which meeting,  the global tasks display will show you a total picture,  and the individual project notes will show you what is outstanding for that item.  Seems like that,  or some variation on it,  should give you what you want.

As a general principle in Evernote it's always best to pick a structure or a process and start using it:  you may realise it is totally hopeless in a day or two - or it may be the best thing since toast.  You have to try it to know.  Best of luck whatever method you choose!

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Thank you, it is a good idea. I tried something similar-ish but found it quite labour-intensive. Too much copy and pasting for me. I am trying out a collection of other tools to see if I can achieve what I would like. OneNote does it, but quite badly, and even worse on a Mac which is lacking some features that Windows has. Tried and failed with Notion and AirTable and read about many other tools that also don't seem to have this capability - to tag something and then be able to see it in a list with all items with the same tag. ClickUp does seem to do this quite well, albeit still experimenting with it more generally.

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The problem is usually related to creating massiv, large notes.

Create rather small notes, knit them together by a TOC note. This got even better with the back linking feature, that improves navigation between notes.

No advice regarding alternative tools. Mac-ish note apps with tags are Apple Notes, and DevonThink. If they solve your use case, you need to check.

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