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Release 10.54.4 MacOS release notes unresizeable,unscrollable and not available on release web site

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I just upgraded to 10.54.4 and I'd love to see the release notes.

But it only shows a window that has a little of it, no way to scroll to the rest or even to the right, no way to resize it. Clicking on release notes on the menu bar presents the same window.

And, the release notes do not show on the release web site.

See below:


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I am on the same version, and I see the whole window. 

I think you have a screen resolution optimized to show content relatively large. The version history window doesn't seem to resize, which means part of the content is cut.

Altering screen resolution should fix it for the moment.

If you feel it should be fixed in general, issue a support ticket.

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