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  1. Hi - tks. See my response just above. I export them all at once, no script needed. But if they support AppleScript on the new one, your suggestion would be a decent work-around. Ultimately, this is all a workaround the Evernote not providing the ability to just say "backup to a local file."
  2. Yes, I am aware - I'm a software developer. It is decades of experience with servers that has me wanting my own copy of everything. Enex is XML and not hard to parse, if things got to a really bad state - such as Evernote going under. On legacy, I export by simply selecting "all notes", clicking on one, and the CMD-A on the Mac keyboard, and then do an "Export note." That exports all notes trivially. Of course, if Evernote were serious, they'd provide flexible, sensible export options, or even just local backup options. ".S. You can edit the config.json file of you EN installation t
  3. I just came back to the thread. My reason for exporting multiple notes is to back up all of my notes (and hopefully, the structure - stacks, tag hierarchies). Unfortunately, you apparently can't export all notebooks - you can only do it one at a time, and stacks not at all - unless I am missing git. I have about 75 notebooks in multiple stacks. As a long time software architect and developer, I prefer not to trust my notes only to Evernote (or any other cloud service, for that matter), since a bug in their server could just wipe out all my notes. Ditto if they go out of business suddenly.
  4. If you can't select more than 50 notes, how can you back up your entire database of notes to a .enex file?
  5. Thanks! and I might do that. But, to save everything, I'd have to put all my notebooks in one stack. On the other hand, since I switched to tags, I don't really need a notebook hierarchy. I switched to tags so I could build hierarchies - so I could browse in that way. But, they just somewhat broke tag hierarchies too with this latest release.
  6. In the old version, I could export all notes by going to All Notes, then clicking on one note, the SELECT ALL (COMMAND-A). This no longer works - it only selects 50 notes at a time. This is a *huge* problem - I rely on those exports as my last-ditch backup. Is there some other way to do it or is it time to revert to the old version?
  7. But... the latest version has badly broken tags: Notes that have a tag, where that tag also has sub-tags, are not visible when browsing tags. This is equivalent to a file system where you can have either files or directories in a directory, but not both I had to create a bunch of new subtags, and then tediously - not by drag and drop - move the notes to the subtags (by adding the subtag to the each note, then removing the former tag). Until I discovered this anomaly, I was mystified about why sometimes I would see a note, and other times it would not be visible where I
  8. Thanks. That's a work-around. It's not quite as good as being able to just browse to it, but it's sure better than nothing. Given that you can browse through all tags except those that have sub-tags, I'd say that they have a bug or bad specification and hopefully will fix it.
  9. Thanks. That doesn't work for the mobile app, but fortunately, until they break it too, my mobile app doesn't have the problem - which involves notes hidden from portions of the tags hierarchy.
  10. I have discovered where some of my missing notes went... If you, like many of us, use tags to organize your notes into a hierarchy, BEWARE: The new app will hide all notes from the tags browser that are not at the bottom level of the hierarchy. You cannot even tell they are there except by going to the Tags directory (click on "Tags") and seeing tags that have a non-zero count but also have subsidiary tags. As far as I can tell, the only way to find those notes by the tag they are under is to search for the tag, and then look through the notes that happen to have that tag (the search
  11. Thanks. Does anyone have first hand experience with Joplin? I'm really unhappy with the latest version. It's clear that they did not think through tags at all, and those of us who use them as a hierarchy (because EN doesn't have a decent notbook hierarchy for no good reason) are in trouble. BEWARE. If you use tag hierarchies, you may have noticed that some notes can no longer been seen by browsing it. Browsing to a tag that is not at the bottom of the hierarchy will not show you notes with that tag - only subsidiary tags. That means that notes you could previously find have vanished from th
  12. Evernote also broke tags in another way, that breaks my workflow. This is very disappointing. If you want to browse your notes in a hierarchy, the only way past a 2 deep level is to use a hierarchy of tags. This is due to Evernote's poor decision to not allow nested notebooks. So I organized my hundreds of notes that way. Now, it is broken. Any note in the hierarchy that is next to another level of the hierarchy is now invisible to browsing! Specifically: Tag 1 - top of hierarchy Note 1 with tag 1 Tag 1.1 - next level of hierarchy Note 1.1 with t
  13. Because EverNote doesn't allow deep notebook hierarchies, I use tags as my primary organizational and browsing approach. That is now badly broken. It used to work. But... any notes within a hierarchy that are not at the bottom of a hierarchy are not visible! They can only be found by searching. This is badly hampering my workflow, and this worked in the old version. Specificilly: With an organization hierarchy like this: Tag 1 (NOTE A, with Tag 1) Tag 1.1 (NOTE B, with Tag 1.1) A note with Tag (NOTE A) will show if one selects Tag 1.1
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