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  1. agsteele - thanks for the information on too-big imports. Argh. The good news about enex: it's XML. If I had to, I'd write a little program to split it up and reformat it. It's a pretty obvious structure. As long as I have all the information from my notes in a transparent machine readable format, I feel better about it. Any idea how big the limit is? If I just had a few notebooks, the manual work to back it up isn't that bad. Or I could try one of the products that does exports. Last time I looked, a few years ago, I wasn't thrilled. But times change.
  2. Yes, I had forgotten about that - I'm kinda real busy and my brain is fried. In fact, I came back here to remove my post. As for choosing an app, I've been using Evernote over 10 years. You used to be able to export all notes trivially. I counted on that. When that ended, I had to put all my notes into one notebook, sacrificing the primary organization scheme in Evernote. That is an anti-feature, and I almost left Evernote at the time. Fortunately, due to the weakness of their notebook implementation (not enough levels of hierarchy), I wasn't deeply into that for organizing, or it would have been extremely painful. I am not taking back my comments about Evernote's bad behavior. They changed their focus to trying to get into other market spaces, while making the experience worse for existing customers. In the tech world, their reputation suffered a lot for that. I appreciate the insult. Shows this is a friendly place.
  3. Not any more, at least not the way I was doing it (open the notebook, then do a select all on the notes in the last, then export them). When Evernote stopped letting you export all notes from all notebooks at once, I moved all my notes to one notebook. Sometime in the last month or so, it changed to limiting the number of notes I can select 1o 100, even in that one notebook. Because Evernote ended the backup-everything option, and because as an old, very experienced IT professional, I don't trust a single vendor to hold my critical data, I've designed and run cloud systems, and over the decades, I've seen bad backup catastrophes on sites run by very professional staff.. Evernote's concerns about server load from people doing massive backups is real, but their solution stinks, big time. I'd pay extra to be able to save all my data. If I don't find a solution very soon, I will be moving to a vendor that doesn't want to be the sole holder of my data. I do not trust companies with that attitude - it suggests they are doing this to prevent migration.
  4. I just upgraded to 10.54.4 and I'd love to see the release notes. But it only shows a window that has a little of it, no way to scroll to the rest or even to the right, no way to resize it. Clicking on release notes on the menu bar presents the same window. And, the release notes do not show on the release web site. See below:
  5. I was under the impression that V10 would not necessarily keep all your data on your local machine. In fact, I read that the rationale for not allowing full backups was the load it would place on the servers (which would be zero if all the data was local). So are you sure everything is *still* in that folder, rather than being cached there with the masters out in the cloud somewhere? If I create a note on my phone, does it automatically appear there? So relying on Time Machine or other local backups may not work, unless my impression was incorrect. BTW, where exactly are the notes stored on a Mac?
  6. Now that I look at things, I don't see a way to import notes into Evernote, which is weird. So my backup is useless to Evernote. I can export all my notes, but how do I get them back? The dexported ata is in a relatively easy form to parse - readable XML. So I could write code to do something with it. But what? Move it into some other company's note product? I just took a look at the local database. It isn't clear what's there. They have said they won't keep all notes locally. And if you restore the local database, what happens to the synchronization with what they have in the cloud? Overall, I'd say that as a long time Evernotes user, they have backed me into a corner. I can trust their cloud, or I can do my backup with no way to get the data back into evernote. I wish Evernote would pay attention to these issues. If they want to move into corporate IT, they are going to get these questions from decision makers evaluating their product. On my previous note, correction - I don't trust big companies to not *lose* my data. "use" is a different problem.
  7. Why a backup? As a professional IT guy, I don't trust random companies to not use my data. I have designed and then helped operate big cloud based systems, and I have seen some real disasters. I could, as you say, use a few notebooks rather than one. But instead, I use tags to organize - simplifies the backup, and using only a few notebooks.
  8. The way I handle this is ugly, but works. I put all of my notes in a single notebook. Then when I click on the notebook, I can select all notes, and export them. Evernote shamefully does not provide a way to do this properly (my approach eliminates the value of notebooks as an organizing method). Any company that does not provide a way to let you get the data you own in a single, usable lump, is a company I'd prefer not to do business with. I stick with Evernote because I have over 10 years of notes in it. But Evernote, you are ticking people off - especially professional IT people like myself who want a safe copy of their data! Do you like have angry customers?
  9. Thanks! Based on posts above, I tried putting a period after them, but that didn't work. But putting a space after it does work. It's a bug - text editor needs to get a bit smarter. But thanks to repliers, I now have a way around it.
  10. Pasting a raw URL only sometimes results in a link rather than just text. I So https://code-boxx.com/simple-pwa-example/ in my V10 Evernote pastes as simple text. Other times, I past a URL in there and it turns blue - like a link. Also, clicking on some that are blue does not go to the browser, it brings up an Evernote home page. Others go to the default browser. Something is messed up here, but I can't find the pattern. I see some URL's in blue on a page, some as text, some of the blue work, some don't - all on the same Evernote page. Evernote 10.40.9 on MACOS, although with the new rewrite, it should be relatively platform independent.
  11. Solved. When in doubt, restart the app! Sigh.
  12. I have the same problem, but with a .pdf file. It shows an icon of it (small snapshot) but cannot load it. Using Evernote on Android
  13. Thanks. Yes, I saw some embedded, uuencoded (or equivalent) data. But I couldn't tell if it was an attachment, or an inline image. For that matter, I don't know if there's a difference. I really love Evernote and organize. a lot of my life with hit. I do, however, worry that they are not going in the right direction. If I have to give up on notebooks to backup all my data, that's a step backwards. In my case, not a painful one, but if someone has organized their notes around notebooks and notebook stacks, it would be a real nightmare to change. I went to tags originally because they didn't have a notebook hierarchy that went deeper than two levels, while tags can go much deeper. I am a big fan of hierarchies for keeping track of data, in addition to tags and searches. It depends on how you want to view it. So I did my hierarchies in tags. Works okay.
  14. Thanks gazumped and PinkElephant! I just put all my 848 notes into one notebook, and exported it from Legacy, and also from the new version. Both exported all the notes, although the new version exported 7 MB less of data. I'm not sure what that's about. The number of <note> tags didn't change. Also, you could export attachments in the old version. Is there a way to do that with the new one? Tks
  15. It is possible. I have no trouble exporting all notes and tags in the legacy version. Go to "All Notes" and then Edit->Select All (or equivalent keyboard shortcut) then File->Export Notes. The enex file contains tags associated with notes. It loses the notebook information, but since I organize only by tags, that's not an issue. I cannot do that in the new, "improved" version. It puts a 50 note limit on selection. I see no way to export an entire notebook, much less all notes. Is there a way?
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