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Add links to tags and notebooks

Wayne Villars


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If you wish to suggest this to Evernote then I'd recommend you use the Feedback option in the application.  These forums are primarily user-to-user support and Evernote staff are only here infrequently. To be sure that your idea is noted, use the Feedback option as well.

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31 minutes ago, Wayne Villars said:

I want to be able to get a link to a tag or a notebook, just like how I can get a link to a note.

Currently, I have no way to reference a tag or a notebook in another system like Todoist.

I don't know whether this would help you but you can do this using the web version. Just go to the notebook or click the tag and copy the url from the web browser. There might even be a way to hack that link in some way so that it opens the desktop version ( I think you used to be able to do that in legacy)

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