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  1. I find myself creating "See also:" sections in my notes where I add internal links to other notes with related content. The inconvenience is that I would like the link to go both ways, but at the moment, I have to do that manually. In case you're not following, here's a simple example: Say I create note #1. Then a few days later, I create note #2. Within note #2 I want to reference note #1 (because it has related content), so I add the following to note #2 (using internal note links): See also: * note #1 Since both notes clearly have related content, I also want note #1 to reference note #2. And herein lies the inconvenience: In its current form, I then have to manually open up note #1 and add something like this: Referenced by: * note #2 I call that a reciprocal link...I'm not sure of the proper technical terminology. What would be great is if that reciprocal link was created for me automatically...you know, in case I forget. Taking that a step further, it would also be very cool if I could select a group of notes and have the option to create reference links between all of them with a single click.
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