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Unlock this view and more - I have a paid account?

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26 minutes ago, simonmason said:

I don't understand this message?  I have a paid account.  And when I click through to settings I see nothing that refers to displaying Excel files?  Thanks.

Preview is only available in Professional and Teams Paid Plans.

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@simonmason What @bmcl26 said is mentioned here: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/9957962111123-Preview-spreadsheets-in-notes

However, that help article also says:


To change the default view option going forward: Click the Settings button (gear) next to your name at the top of the left navigation menu, go to Preferences > Notes, and select a default view from the dropdown options under “Links and attachments”.

I'm pretty sure that part isn't right as I don't see anything in Settings where to change the default for supported spreadsheet formats.

Also, here are some related threads:




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Now I have to upgrade to see my Excel files?  I just ran across this.  I have a ton of Excel files and rely on viewing them in my notes.  They removed a feature I (and I am sure many others) rely on.  This is a backward upgrade!!  I HATE HATE HATE this company!  I cannot tell you how awful they are at so many levels.



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View Excel files online is a Professional subscribers feature. This since the new plans were launched 2 years ago.

Professional as the name indicates wraps some features together believed to be important for users like project managers or Freelancers: Assign tasks to others and supervise their status, complex searches based on Boolean logic, viewing Excel sheets inline, to mention a few.

If you disagree with this definition, contact support.

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