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So many ads to upgrade!

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I've used Evernote for 10+ years. I just recently downgraded from Pro to Personal. STILL A PAID PLAN. 

Yet, the app is constantly hammering me with messages to upgrade to Pro. 1) at the bottom left. 2) Sometimes at the top of my Notes list, 3) phone notifications, and even 4) popups!

I have freemium apps that have more upsell messages than my PAID version!

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Most likely you (unintentionally) are inviting part of the fireworks yourself.

Go to your account settings, personal settings and uncheck most of the notifications. I keep only the „sharing“ information checked.

This should remove most nagging. If something still shows up, accept it on the initial popup level, and break it off on the following screen. Usually it won’t come back.

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Thanks. Unfortunately, I already have everything unchecked.

Below are two of the small ads. There's a third one that shows up from time to time at the top of my notes section. And a popup that happens weekly.


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I am on Personal, and except a 25% Off on Prof sometimes I don’t see any ads.

You can use the accept & click away method, and see if it works.

Or contact support.

P.S. I totally agree that this advertising / nagging strategy is one of the most stupid activities of EN staff we can observe. But what do you expect from a profession where the grandfathers were selling snake oil, and the fathers used cars. They likely don’t know better …

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In the windows app it is even worse. This nagvertising is blocking nearly half of my notes list on a 24-inch screen. And there is no "x" or "thanks" or "leave me alone" to remove that thing.

Evernote Windows App Ad.jpg

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I am seeing the same thing.  I have contacted support and have not heard back yet (it's only been 1 day).  I'll be honest this is enough to make me start considering alternative notebook applications.  When I subscribe to something I don't mind non intrusive notifications that hey we have this deal.  When when it's intrusive (like evernote is doing here) it angers me.  It's enough for me to look at alternatives.

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Did support ever get back to you.  I've been here since the first year (always paid) and because they have become something different than what the core product used to be - I'm at the paid personal level - I've no use for 95% of what they focus on now.  That said - paying what I pay a year to be bombarded with ads - Certainly draws attention towards finding an alternative.


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100% AGREE! The amount of ads to upgrade is insane and ultra-annoying. I get them every time I open the app. I get them on the sidebar. I get them on my phone. It's so aggressive and I made an account on this forum just to complain about it. Can someone suggest a good alternative to Evernote? 

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